Gender: Male
Age: 19
  Information technology
Location:  jaipur,rajasthan : fatehpursikri(agra), uttarpradesh :India

About Me

Just a midget who's been lucky to have met few amazing people in his life. A hardcore dreamer who's in love with writing fragmented sentences once in a while to talk his ass out and is destined to remain an amateur (but loved!) !! :-) Well, I've already used so many adjectives for myself, but everything is incomplete without one thing. I've been truly in love with life since last one and half year after finding something to dream for, something to become a better person and remain sane. ;) Looks like a simple guy, eh? Well, people keep telling me that but I have not seen anything normal in me. Yeah, not yet! And the moment I will get rid of my abnormality, I hope I will get what I want. :))

  What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

I don't believe it.


  • reading
  • listening music
  • watching live show videos and sporting events
  • Bike riding after midnight

Favorite Movies

  • Titanic
  • Terminator all parts
  • Chak De India
  • Tare jameen par
  • 3 idiots
  • Lagan
  • .....can talk about all of them in detail.

Favorite Music

  • Anything that soothes my Heart and Soul. Though I am a fan of rock songs.

Favorite Books

  • YOU CAN WIN by Mr. shiv khera

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