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August 12, 2010


Well, I’m at JNIT College. I’m studying Computer Science and I’m a second year on a four year course. I’ve decided to specialise in the following Subject:


Software Engineering

After this year and next I have to do  internship with a company that will take me, and I have to get grades that are good enough to allow me to stay on my four year course. So I work quite a lot. CS is excellent – I really enjoy my course, though they keep us on our toes with some really nasty deadlines. If you have any specific questions feel free to email me – otherwise read all about it here.


Hobbies, Interests and … talents …

I read a lot of books; I’m a little bit obsessed with some of my favourites and tend to read them over and over again. Things I have liked historically (and still like). Yes, I’m one of those. However I also like classics and just about anything that grabs my attention. Sometimes, I even read phrases.

I watch a lot of DVDs (normally in the background while I’m working) . I also love nature programme...

I try to search on many things but am not yet very successful at it. It’s a new thing. I like to experiment with codings, and have discovered a really exciting new amazing and wonderful thing that I love.

I am also able to ride a motor.

Back in second year when I was naive and feeling rich, I bought a sony ericsson handset of RS. 17000/- . It was one of the worst impulse ideas I’ve ever had…I don’t really regret it, but you have no idea how hard it is to handle one of those things.

Between myself and my roommate,

Finally, I spend a lot of time eating. My favourite restaurant of all time is HANDI, and my standard meal is Chicken. 


My parents still live in Fatehpur Sikri so I spend as much time as I can there, but owing to summer projects and studies, have not been home for longer than two months in about two years. I think it’s safe to say Jaipur is now one of my homes.

I live in Sitapura, which is ‘one of the most desirable areas in Jaipur’ according to several reliable sources. It’s pretty good..!!

I sound like an estate agent so I’m going to stop there.

I live with my friends. They are all lovely, though we hardly ever see each other because we all lead very busy lives. Their subjects are (in no particular order) Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Electronics, information technology. It’s a fine mix, and we quite often get into the inevitable science-related discussions as all Engineering students are prone to do. I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about them.

The flat we live in has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, lounge, and a slightly mouldy basement. The ‘garden’ is a handkerchief sized cement patio which is awesome for barbeques, which we don’t have as often as we should.


Home Coming~

July 17, 2010
Just reached Fatehpur Sikri this morning. Rajesh (the person who never misses to welcome me at the town, he is more of a friend than a helper!) and Rajesh came to receive me at the bus stand. Seeing Rajesh was a big surprise. He's a grown up kid now and is reaching close to my height. He was quick to notice my sturdy & unshaved look, and I was quick to change the topic to something else. But he's the smartest and most sensible kid you can ever see if you ignore the accent in which he t...

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A Week Review~

July 17, 2010

When I reached jaipur first time for my further study,

Obviously, that week was the busiest one since I came to Jaipur~

I had tons of homework to finish during these two weeks, let alone two pass/fail next mid-term exams ~

Hopefully, I had fully prepared myself for those two exams and wished to get passed for the first try.

After dinner thatnight, I had a little rest, watching the movie of Harry Potter and the 3 idiots, though I always preferred to watch it in PVR.

I had read the sev...

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Funny Little Things

July 16, 2010

Something really interesting happens during these days:

Firstly, once I was studying at  the  library, I heard someone singing out loud. The room was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drops. But the singer drew our attention when he suddenly starts to rap.

I kind of waited for the guard to come, but after five minutes, the singer finished his song and left and there was still no guard coming~  Astonished!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly, one day I took the lift of a Five Star Hotel going d...

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July 8, 2010

Finally, I had got through all the six exams the day before yesterday.

It was really a ‘horrible’ experience to go through all these.

Due to the  holiday, I did not have too much moods to prepare for the exams until 20 june.  It was the very deadline for the preparation of the exams. I gave up the Shimla Trip for the exams. Hope I could have the chance to go next year~

I felt not good  for not having a relaxing holiday since I kept thinking about the upcoming exams~

During the week be...

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Exam week

June 24, 2010

All these days, I have been really  busy preparing my 4 big exams which will soon come this week~

Therefore, I still do not have enough time to update my blogs~

Don’t worry!

Once I have done my exams, I will surely upload all the greatest things I encountered during this fantastic days~

Keep waiting~

Love you guys~


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Being Sensible in the Morning ;)

June 18, 2010
The distance between the moon and earth is quite long. And the distance I have to go, before I can be called "a sensible man," is always longer than that. But till few days back, one thing which kept me in senses was a person I was very close to. The obvious reason of me becoming more irresponsible and careless these days is that she has not been on the scene that much.

Don't take my last line seriously. I just love to play blame games!:-)

I know I sound liker a broken record a...
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First Birthday In Jaipur ~

June 15, 2010

Jun. 14 was my birthday and my original plan was to study by then~

It was really interesting.

I almost never spent a special birthday myself and usually I would celebrate it days after that`

However, my first birthday in Jaipur was so great with friends around me to celebrate for me even though they had very heavy work to do themselves~

I was waiting for a someone's special call from 12'o clock. but she didn't call me through out the day. I missed her n her sweet voice.. she sent so ...

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Children's Day

June 11, 2010

In India, 14th Nov.  is Children’s Day.

Kids r really looking forward to this special day.

It is the most welcomed holiday by children.

Parents and relatives will buy their children gifts as they wish.

Children become kings of their family on that day.

I may wish Happy Children’s Day to all the kids in the world regardless of different dates in different countries!

We may wish there will be no wars or disasters existing in this world and let us provide a safe and happy home for our child...

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Chinese beauties in ancient times

June 8, 2010

Once I visited a Chinese websites and saw these amazing photos, I was shocked by their beauty.

They are all famous females in Chinese history.

They do not only have gorgeous faces, but also pure spirits.

We grow up with their herioc stories.

Western and eastern people have their own criteria to judge one’s beauty~

Do u think they r fabulous? It’s totally up to u~

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About Me

I am someone who enjoy pain and does not want to come out of it. I also love suffering. I am not made for making commitments. Whenever I decided to do something, the course of life went the wrong way making my mind full of questions. It's better when I remained alone, all by myself. Maybe it's because I wasn't brought up to be with people or a companion and be caring and selfless towards others. I tried to change it many times, but it struck me back, and struck me so hard that those who were with me left me all alone. :-) Falling in love with me is the worst thing a girl would do in her life. I have my own reasons to believe this.


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